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Challenge the status quo. Subvert expectations.

e² imaginations is a film production company on a mission to challenge the status quo, subvert expectations, and entertain audiences.  What does that mean? It means making films that are unusual in some way, whether it's by having a woman-dominant crew, diversity in front of the camera, or telling an unexpected story.


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proof-of-concept trailer

About the Trailer

The Aya trailer will be pitched to investors and film producers. The Aya creative team sets out to secure financing for the production of a feature-length film. The Aya Trailer's primary purpose is to convey the tone and dramatic potential for a film about a female soccer player. Whenever people hear, "female soccer movie," they oftentimes think of Bend It Like Beckham or She's the Man. The creative team behind the Aya trailer set out to subvert the expectation that all female soccer movies are meant to be teen rom coms.


AYA is about a young woman, Aya, who struggles with severe anxiety and uses the sport of soccer to cope. When the national soccer federation promotes her more attractive, marketable teammates, Aya begins to obsess over her teammates’ personal lives. She sets off on a series of sabotages that harm those around her and, above all, herself. As Aya's mind spirals out of control, we find ourselves in a BLACK SWAN / TAXI DRIVER psychological thriller, where we no longer know what is right versus wrong, real versus not. The inspiration behind this story is the question of what it means to be a woman. Aya subverts traditional female norms and shows us a woman on screen who is the best version of herself when she isn’t wearing makeup or fulfilling some traditional female role. She also shows us the dark side of being a woman: how trying your best can only get you so far in a world where women are expected to do it all.

How You Can Help

Share the trailer. The more people who see the trailer, the more clout the Aya creative team will have when pitching the concept. Contact. If you are interested in financially investing in this concept, please contact Emi Ellis at EmiEllis.com/contact.


OuT of Order

comedy short


This film serves as a platform for e² to bring together talented, up-and-coming artists and showcase their work: This is the first-ever filmed screenplay of writer Ryan Kim, a Nickelodeon Writing Program semi-finalist; Producers and actors Emi Ellis and Brandon Root took on their first SAG-AFTRA project; and a big thank you goes out to director Julia Monahan for her committed leadership in overseeing this project to the end.

e² is dedicated to challenging the status quo and subverting expectations. This project defies industry norms by having an overall staff (cast, crew, and above-the-line talent), that is 45% people of color and 45% women.

The film is currently awaiting film festival review.

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